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Our step-by-step guide for designing your own home like an pro

We really truly believe everyone should love where they live, which is why I’ve created this eBook - your step-by-step guide for designing a space from scratch. We hope it gives you the tools and confidence to design your space yourself. You may be thinking, why would an interior designer teach me how to design my own space? Well, we promise there is no catch. We’re on a mission to spread home pride. Whether that means you take all our design secrets and Design-it-Yourself and you look to us from some inspo along the way, or we can serve as a gut check through those stickier design decisions - we’re just happy to be here!


  • over 25 pages stuffed with over 60 tips & trick

  • where we shop for what from over 100 retailers

  • how to maximize your budget

  • a customizable shopping list & budget template

  • how to score vintage & on Facebook Marketplace

  • where to find and print free art

  • how to make a mood board 

  • the design tools & programs we'd use 

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