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2024 Design Trends We're Loving & How to Incorporate them in Small Ways

There's a lot of different schools of thought on design trends. (I know that’s what everyone says right before they tell you what design trends they’re predicting for 2024, but hear me out!) I think it's helpful to be aware of what's currently trending so you can assess if you really love something or if it's just in your face everywhere you look and may not be the most timeless option.

Nothing against boucle fabric, but it would be a good example of something that I'm drawn to, but I have to remind myself is also potentially a fad.

Trends can of course put pressure on folks to iterate (or buy!) for their home constantly. But most of us also want our homes to feel fresh and thoughtful, or at the least look like it wasn't fully furnished right when you moved in back in 2017 and never updated. There is most definitely a happy medium when it comes to updating your space.

For example, I like to purchase classic styles or shapes for furniture that will last me more than 10 years - like an English roll arm or slipcover that, imo, will never go out of style. Then every so often I can layer in new fabrics or styles I love. I went through a block-print "phase" the last ~ two years and I'm finding myself starting to reach more for plaids these days. So moral of the story - opt for the block print pillows vs upholstered bed frame.

So take this post for what it is - "trends" I'm starting to reach for more and how to incorporate them in small ways. Say - new ingredients I plan to use to cook up my unique flavor of designer soup. (If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, check out my post on How to Define your Design Style. I’ll try to stop beating the cooking / design analogy to death in 2024).

2024 Trends:

  • Red, red wine

  • Darker woods are still trending

  • Splatterware

  • Taupe Stripes + Florals

  • Grandpa Chic

Red, red wine

Deep Browns and Reds have been all the buzz this winter and they've been on a lot of designers predictions for 2024. However, it can be scary to paint a whole room such a bold color or trendy (gasp!) color and I haven't seen a ton of options for how to incorporate it in more subtle ways.

Dip your toe in the water with burgundy, wine, or cranberry hues. Try your hand at painting a cabinet or adding rich-toned textiles. This burgundy bed quilt is so lovely and has enough color variation it could work well with a lot of existing color schemes.

Image 1 Source: Swann Street Interiors AI Design
Image 2 Source: Kelsey Leigh Design Co
Image 3 Source: Becca Interiors
Image 4 Source: Hart Interiors

Our favorite reds

Darker woods are still trending

Darker wood tones are still taking over the light oaks or pines of 2020. Maybe we’re seeing this resurgence as design broadly is starting to trend more moody. I think antiques have also become the new black and people are starting to appreciate the repurposed pieces of the early 21th century again 🥲

We’re sticking by this trend because walnut woods are just more versatile. They often serve as the mediator between various other wood tones and can tie a space together beautifully. Utilizing darker wood tones typically means you don’t need to “match” the tones in the flooring as exactly and can be more forgiving.

It's probably not realistic to restain to your floors or clad your walls with a Lucious walnut but try incorporating walnut chairs or barstools or re-staining a cabinet.

Image Source 1: Sean Anderson Design, Photo by Haris Kenjar
Image Source 2: Ashley Montgomery Design, Photo by Lo Miller Photo
Image Source 3: JH Interior Design
Image Source 4: Park and Oak Design


Splatterware was made popular in the 1800s by the Wedgwood Factory in England (not surprising, right). It serves as a classic and often versatile base for various season and tablescapes.

We love that there are both ceramic and enamel options, it's an elevated casual that we thing will be really hot this summer.

Crow Canyon is a US based women-owned company that creates the most beautiful splatterware serving (and baking!) supplies.

Images Source: Sharland England by Louise Roe

Taupe Stripes + Florals

As more and more people start to embrace vintage, we’ve seen more French and Italian-inspired decor on the market. We love how this is manifesting in subtle stripes. Taupe or tan stripes create the perfect base for layering other patterns and prints without being overstimulating.

Besides being inherently chic, stripes can also create an illusion of more height (when done properly). By creating vertical lines, they draw your eye upwards. Opt for thinner stripes or strips of color variation and layer in other florals and patterns.

Image 1 Source: Betsey Mosby Interiors
Image 2 Source: The Interior Fox, Photo by Kensington Leverne
Image 3 Source: Veere Grenney

Eclectic Grandpa

Grandma-chic has been on the scene for some time, but we’re foreseeing (and hoping for)  a more masculine take in 2024. More varsity stripes, equestrian or hunting club memorabilia, pastoral scenes, and vintage glassware. Perhaps this is really just an amalgamation of the trending walnuts + layered stripes, but yolo! We love it so much it’s getting its own shout-out. 

Adding touches of leather, plaid, or wool in big ways (vintage couches or chairs) or small sways (leather-wrapped vases, leather-bound books, plaid rugs, new pillows) will go a long way in creating a cozy layered look.

Image Source: Swann Street Interiors

What else are you excited to incorporate into your home in 2024? We'd love to hear from you what you love on this list or may be missing.

Cheers to all we'll learn in 2024 and the trends we may regret in 2034!

Halie Porter
Founder of Swann Street Interiors
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