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Holiday Gift Guide for Him

What do you get the man in your life who has everything? We've got you. Our Gift Guide for Him is perfect for partners, boyfriends (new and old), husbands, brothers, in-laws, and friends.

Gift Guide for Boyfriend, Husband, Dad, Brother, or Friend

1. Dinero Golf Bag | $274

checkered modern golf bag
This bag has all the bells and whistles and is super lightweight. It's a bold new take on the hand me down golf bag they've been lugging around for 10 years.

Kansas City Chiefs Hoodie
Homage is our go-to for (actually cute) sports gear. They carry stuff for every major team and sport for both men and women, but we're particularly obsessed with their Grateful Dead gear. Maybe get yourself some Travis Kelce swag while you're at it?

solo stover burner
Solo makes smokeless and transportable bonfire, making them perfect for a backyard, camping, or beach trip. No propane or gas needed, simply light up a normal fire in the solo stove and empty the removable ash tray after. It's super easy, safe, and now comes in multiple colors! We love the green (of, course).

AI tracker for golf swing
For any golfer or techie in your life, this gift is really next level. The Arccos Starter Bundle includes 14 smart sensors that literally attach inconspicuously to the handles of their clubs and use AI to track their swing speed, ball position, and provide stroke analytics - a caddie in their pocket.

5. Solid Cologne | $60

luxury solid cologne
For any guy who's always on the go, solid cologne is the perfect way to travel without large and treacherous cologne bottles while also providing more control of the potency of their cologne. You might just benefit from this one too.

funny needlepoint can cooler
Smather's & Branson's needlepoint menswares have been a hit for sometime - but their new line of cheeky can coolers will really up any man's tailgating game. They also have a line of sports team coolers as well!

national park candle for men
Boy Smells is the perfect gift really for anyone in your life, but their Kush line might make any candle novice become a believer. They also just launched a new Kacey Musgraves candle, "Slow Burn", that we're pretty freaking obsessed with.

8. Matchsouth Print | $39 + Frame $135 total

art of a matchbook for men
Matchsouth features prints of matchbooks from all their favorite bars, destinations, courses, or universities. We love that this provides a really personal, but easy, gift while supporting a great small business!

performance sweat wicking work dress shirt
These performance dress shirts are essentially sweat-wicking. No more taking two dress shirts to the office or an event on an extra hot or stressful day. They come in tons of patterns and colorways and are sure to be their new favorite shirt.

crab and crawfish boil pot and stove cooker
You really do not need to be a home or amateur chef to utilize this super easy boiling pot set. For any guy who loves to grill, this is a fun way to up their weekend grill game. Throw in crab, lobster, and crawfish with some potatoes and corn and that's really all there is too.

11. Kid Caddie | $95

stroller attachment for golf
What may look like a gag gift, might turn out to be their favorite new toy. This attachment converts any stroller into a golf cart and up to 20 clubs. Moms - do yourself a favor and turn their Saturday morning golf excursion into 5 hours of you time.

cool sneakers with gum leather sole
We love this more modern take on a man's city sneaker. These sustainable kicks come in a few colorways and we love the gum leather soles.

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