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Unique Pantry Doors

Hey ya'll!! Welcome to the first of our Sunday blog series. A hopeful attempt at keeping away the Sunday Scaries. This week's deep dive: Pantry Door Alternatives.

Pantry's are inherently not fun spaces. Even if you're a professional organizer with all the lazy susans to prove it, you can not tell me that your pantry is tidy 24/7. I am guilty of "faking" it with my cute coordinating spice jars and labels, but that can only get you so far. So if we resign ourselves to the fact that a pantry is just going to always be a little rustic, (rustic sounds better than dirty, right? This is a design blog after all) then we can fully embrace the art of concealing our messes behind beautiful pantry doors.

Stick with me.

Example A: Kelly Hopter Interiors transformed this Indonesian rosewood armoire into a functional statement. This feels so special to me because the antique armoire has been purposely framed; creating a custom and modern look. The depth of the armoire and the bottom drawer also ensure that the piece is functional.

Pocket doors also function as great space saving *ish hiders. While often a little more costly to install, nothing is more satisfying than a good soft close pocket door. It makes a space feel so bespoke - as if it was always meant to be that way.

At the risk of arguing against myself, a case can also be made for French pantry doors that give guests an allusion of a ~sneak peek~ but in reality still hide your Oreos. Using frosted glass, antiqued mirrored glass, or dark paint on the shelves and walls on the interior of a pantry can also often help shroud the view inside.

The below door features a window directly behind the glass panes; which will both reflect light and draw people eyes through the room rather than at your stash of Boom-Chika-pop.

Interior Design: reDesign Home | Photography: Ryan McDonald

Okay now I know you're going to find this groundbreaking but look how Parisian flair these French doors add! The doors, french gray cabinets, and checkerboard floors....(french) chef's kiss.

Design / Magnolia Home

Now that I have sold you on featuring a little bit of antique flair in your kitchen, let me show you where to find them! While sourcing cabinetry, french doors, or even exterior shutters directly from a flea or antique market will always feel the most special (and likely be the most cost effective if you know how to haggle), below are some other affordable options:

The Old Grainery $1600 - $1900

Antiques Vintage Texas $1700 - $1800 (3 and 5)

Happy Sunday!! Now I'm going to go clean my pantry. Ugh.



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